Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Move Out Day!

Yep!  The chickens have left the laundry room!  Yeah!  They are now enjoying 12' by 10' of chicken-y fun-inspiring space!  That's 40 square feet per chicken!  Beats the heck out of the recommended 10 square feet, eh?

The wood running behind the red tub is the makings of their ramp...the first attempt didn't work so well, so that is going back to the drawing board!  A project to work on with my nephew...  The red tub is/was the looks pitifully small in the run they now have reign over!  I am so glad to have them outside finally!  Of course, the green to the left is "Mr Turtle", the sandbox.  It was empty here, but is now filled with 100 pounds of sand!  The extra bag (it said it held 150 lbs, I'm guessing they meant over-filled...) is in the black garbage can I bought for the pine shavings.  As for the took more than I expected to cover the floor of the coop!  I'm going to need another bag before I'll be able to changed it, it took more than half a bale!

We solved the doors not wanting to stay closed issue with a 2 by 4...or a piece of 2 by 4, a large drill bit, and a screw.  The block pivots so that we can open both doors, but the slightly angular cut at the "short end" of the pivot allows the larger door to be held in place and we can enter and exit from one side!

The girls all seem pretty happy to have room to move around and are happily picking up everything and anything on the ground!  In fact, while we were gone today, delivering a Father's Day gift (Marionberry Licorice) and getting the Play Sand, the girls unearthed an old wad of chewing gum!  We never spit gum in our yard, so who knows how long it had been there, but it was still a little pliable...I hope that doesn't mean a neighbor came over and spit it in there!  (it "felt" super old though...)  The girls didn't eat it, thankfully, but they did leave it right where I could see it when I walked in the run!

With sand now in the sandbox, Gerty "volunteered" to be the first in (she was the only one I could catch)!  I got stink eyed for getting too close with the camera, lol.  Everyone was very nice about letting me snap photos today too!  Of course, that could be because they were freaked out by all the space...

As a reminder...please vote on the poll!  I'm interested in seeing what everyone else thinks!  Also, welcome to yet another "official follower"!  This one I was my other half, lol.  He said he had to follow me so that he could vote...I have no idea, maybe you do, maybe you just have to be logged in to your Google account....who knows?  Any who, here she is again in all her "belly-goodness" little sister!  She's 18 weeks this would have been around 17.5 weeks.

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