Thursday, May 24, 2012

IBA #414 & 502

A couple of short IBA's today...mostly because I don't have a ton to say on either topic and just didn't feel like rolling for a third topic to write about!  I want to get writing about my actual "life"!  But, I did want to do a "warm up" so to speak, mostly because it's been a while since I did one and I was awaiting my breakfast (a Venti Decaf 7 pump Sugar Free Vanilla Breve Latte).

#414: Explain a regret.

[ri-gret] Show IPA verb, re·gret·ted, re·gret·ting, noun
verb (used with object)
1.      to feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.): He no sooner spoke than he regretted it.
2.      to think of with a sense of loss: to regret one's vanished youth.

I know, I know…not what they “meant” by “explain it”…but what can I say?  I don’t really have any specific regret to talk about today!  So, there you have it…a perfect explanation/definition of the word regret.

#502: Exercise….friend or foe

Definitely, a foe…I “can” do it, but I do not “want” to do it!  I know I should do it though…so that counts.  Right?  Not much else I can really say here though…I do not have any sort of exercise routine or anything.  As I said, I somewhat just avoid it as much as possible!

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