Monday, August 15, 2011

No News is...Still News.

I mentioned my doctor's appointment the other day (Friday), here.  I actually didn't expect to hear from the "doctor" until tomorrow as the one I see regularly doesn't work weekends (or every other Monday or Wednesday, depending on the week).  However, this evening, she did call me to let me know that she couldn't see any thing on the ultrasound.  Not that there isn't anything there, on the contrary...there is a large, thick mass in my uterus, she just couldn't tell what it is because it is so thick and so large!

So, that means another waiting game, complete with yet another appointment to see yet another Doctor.  This time, I am being sent "up the chain" to one of the OB/GYN's (mine retired last month).  Here's hoping he or she can tell what it is!

In the mean time, since it is on my mind more now than it was when it was only slightly uncomfortable and I wasn't being passed up the medical ladder, I have noticed a few things that I honestly can't say are all that "new" or not.  I woke up this morning feeling like I was laying on a rock!  I have always slept better on my stomach, to the point of I cannot fall asleep on my back.  But, it has become downright painful to sleep on my stomach, twisting to avoid it just makes my back hurt more too.  Also, when I went to put my shorts on today (fresh from the dryer a day or two ago), I noticed they were "extra" tight!  This was a "whoa!" moment for me because only a few weeks ago I was saying how loose they were and how I hoped they made it to cold weather before they got too big to wear!  Of course, this pair is my "secret slimmer" pair that have the spandex band at the top...but they have never fit as tight as this!  Even when they were newer and were fitting perfectly, they didn't stay this snug throughout the day.  As I write this (at 11:30pm), they are still fitting extremely snug and it feels like someone is trying to shove my guts into a space much too small for them!  Even my underwear are fitting "too tightly" today and they are ridiculously old ones!  Like I said though, it is on my mind so I may just be more aware than I was before about how uncomfortable I have actually become over the last several months. 

I first noticed a slight "lump" in late June that I past off as getting toward the start of my period (which I was).  I suppose I shouldn't have waited so long to go to the doctor, but it isn't like they weren't just "down there"!  I had my last pap in January and everything was fine then. 

Well, I suppose I'll be going through a few more rounds of "I don't know what that is...let me send you to (whoever they refer people to)" before I get an actual answer.  I wonder who OB/GYN's refer people to...they are the "specialist"...but I bet there is someone above them and I bet I get to meet them... 

I can never just go the "easy route"... many years ago (13 of them even!), on our Senior trip, we went Whitewater rafting.  My biggest fear was ending up outside the boat and passing the boat!  I was reassured by people who had done it before that that particular event "never happened" and "wasn't possible".  Well, don't tell me I can't do something!  I'll admit, I voluntarily went into the water, the boat guide told us we could!  What I didn't expect was for him to almost immediately turn around and yell for us to take deep breaths seconds before I became the boat amongst the rapids!  My best friend was right there with me, in the water, and we both managed to catch up to our boat at the same time.  As luck would have it, they reached to pull her in first and I was left in the water on the opposite side of the raft.  I panicked, reached up and, just for a split second, grabbed the rope on the side (which they told us to never do), I soon learned why they said not to do it!  I was sucked under the raft!  I popped up in front of my raft briefly, then was pulled back under only to resurface a few feet ahead of the raft that was ahead of ours!  I did that twice before cruising past a fourth raft on the surface (doggy paddling for the win!), meanwhile doing everything I had been told not to do prior to getting into the raft!  My feet were behind me, not in front of me as had been instructed, and I was one handed doggy paddling to keep my head above water.  I am an excellent swimmer, but exhaustion and panic had taken hold and a doggy paddle was all I could muster while holding my life jacket to me (the buckles had come lose when we jumped in the water and my holding it to me was the only thing keeping it on).  The fourth raft finally realized I was not having a fun time in the water...I think it was the raft full of people screaming and paddling as fast as they could muster to keep me in their sites, and they too had to speed up to catch up to me as I was rapidly coming up directly behind a fifth raft!  By the time our raft, with me back inside, made it to the lunch take-out spot, my adventure had made the rounds!

Anyway, the point of that jaunt down memory lane...I don't think I have ever had something "wrong" with me or something I was doing (I've thrown 2 rods through engines and lost 2 transmissions) that was the "easy answer or solution".  Case in point with the last engine that went kaput, I knew the engine was getting ready to go, I had been babying that poor truck for quite some time.  Finally, one day on my way home from work, it went "thud" and I felt the engine kick to the left.  The "guys" kept telling me it was going to be an easy fix but as it turned out, I was right in guessing what I had done.  When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, the Doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection.  It was on the grandmother of my best friend's suggestion to have me tested for Diabetes.  The doctor had never considered it, but I guess that shows my age...I think they jump to it for the most part now...  It couldn't just be a sinus infection though!  That would have the "easy" answer!

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