Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Warning...

I feel I should "warn" everyone about the post I made a few minutes ago...

My IBA topic today was "true confession about motherhood", which I turned into "Confessions about high school" other half's 20-year reunion is coming up next year and since he and i talked about it, my own high school experiences have been on my mind a lot lately.

I tried to be as open and honest about events as I could...I was severely "bullied" by one particular boy in my class and so I had a lot to say on the topic.  The post is long...nearly 5,00 words.  So if you do sit down to read it, you're going to need a larger chunk of time.  I survived my bully by being as stubborn and non-responsive as I could.  I did tell my parents, though it appears from talking with my mother now, that I told my Dad more about it than I did her.  I also told teachers, some of whom actually witnessed it!  Nothing was ever done about the bullying, so it lasted all through high school and really came boiling up one year in particular.

Also, it really isn't a good idea to read that post if you went to school with me...I don't have many plea sent memories and it shows there very starkly.  Don't be the bully...

For what ever reasons, my links for books on the subject didn't link at the bottom of the page, so I'm going to try again here.

Surviving Bullies Workbook: Skills to Help Protect You from Bullying
Dorie Witt's Guide to Surviving Bullies
Everything I Need To Know About Bullies, I Learned In Prison: A Politically Incoprrect Guide To Surviving High School (Volume 1)

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