Friday, August 12, 2011

No News is...News

Warning!  Girl "bits" discussed below!  You have been warned.

So, I suppose no new news is "good" news?  I went to the doctor early this week because of a painful "lump" just below my stomach, as I suspected, the "lump" was my uterus.  Since the pregnancy test came back negative, it was off to an ultrasound this morning where the only "new thing" was that she could confirm I am not pregnant.  The tech did take many, many "screenshots" of my internal bits for the doctor to look at.  Having had an internal ultrasound done a few years ago for another issue, I have a pretty good idea of what my "structure" looks like at "normal" (they couldn't find what was causing the issue a few years ago and it worked itself out with no help from anyone).  I can tell you, it did not look "normal" to me!

From Googling fibroid images (be careful to only look at the ones labeled ultrasound photos..the rest are nasty and kinda scary looking), I would guess this is what they're going to tell me is "going on in there".  That could mean surgery in my near future as my uterus is "gigantic" at the moment!  The tech was getting easily captured images whilst sitting at my bellybutton with the wand thingy.    She said I should hear from my doctor (or most likely the nurse practitioner who saw me since my regular doctor was too busy to see me) no later than Monday, but that she would most likly be calling to refer me to another OB/GYN.  The first specialist I saw when issues started a few years ago retired shortly after my first visit and I just got a letter from the guy he moved all of his patients to saying that he was retiring this month....oh yeah, another "new guy"...  I was really happy with the first one, he seemed to know what he was talking about and he understood what we were trying to do (solve the issue as well as do some planning for a safe and successful pregnancy).  The guy after him just didn't listen to me at all when he read "diabetic" on my chart and saw a fat chick sitting in the room waiting on him.  I got the "lose weight, like 200 pounds, and then we can maybe talk about keeping your diabetes in check then" lecture and sent on my way with a $500 bill when he didn't even touch me!

So, I suppose I could wait and post this after I actually have "results" about what is really going on, but from my own history with this doctor's group/clinic...I don't expect to actually get an answer about what is going on in my body. Several years ago, when we first moved here, I had issues with my period "missing" for several months in a row (the first doctor told me I was lying and probably just wasn't remembering having my period), that was never addressed until the following year when I started my period in October and was still on it at Christmas!  It was "addressed" with lots of tests and imaging, but no real answer was found.  I was out on birth control for 6 months to see if it "cured" whatever was going on and scheduled for my first appointment with the specialist after that.  It never went farther than that due to OB #2 being a jerk. 

My next issue was Diabetes related...I suddenly started having uncontrollable lows to the point of losing consciousness and having mild seizures.  It was to the point that my other half was calling the paramedics to our door once or twice every week for many months!  My Endocrinologist ran every test she could think of and everything came back "normal"!  My blood sugars eventually evened back out and went back to more normal readings and I haven't had a low like that in over a year now...still idea what caused the issue though!  At the beginning of this year, something "odd" came up during my yearly eye exam, but the specialist doesn't seem to think there is an issue (other than getting me to come in again for another billing), I didn't make that appointment though when it came around in July...I know, I'm bad that way.

Anywho, should be a "nice" long weekend while I wait to hear back about today's bladder torture!

As a side note, I really like the Yogi brand teas...Raspberry Leaves are supposed to improve fertility (if it's from a red raspberry plant), or so said some blogger who was talking about all the "natural" ways to get pregnant faster...  At any rate, I like the Yogi brand Immune Support tea, I think it's an Echinacea tea.  They are usually pretty spendy and I find them in the natural foods/drinks section at our local Fred Meyer.  Sometimes, I get lucky and they go on sale for 2 for $5, I stock up at that price!

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