Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Seis de Mayo!

Well, we did not celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but we did go out this evening for a yummy Mexican meal at our favorite local restaurant, Pueblo Amigo!  I had Chicken Fajitas (that I ended up sharing with the chickens, they got the leftover grilled onions and peppers, some Gaucamole, Sour Cream, Lettuce, and a pile of Mexican Rice) and Garrick got his standard "Nachos".

Prior to dinner though, we had a fairly uneventful day.  My blood sugars were pretty high this morning, so I was really only up long enough to test and get some insulin.  I went back to bed after asking Garrick to check on me periodically just in case my blood sugars took a dip in the other direction.  Several hours later (just in time for Lunch), with more "normal" sugar levels, we headed out for Breakfast/Lunch and to do our weekly grocery shopping.  Of course, my afternoon plans were thwarted by my forgetting the coupons for potting soil!  I did manage to keep myself entertained though by watching A Turtle's Tale on's a cute little cartoon.  While I was "busy" with that, Garrick was (and still is) busily working away at whatever class he is currently taking in his Master's degree program (it has something to do with computers...other than that, I have no idea)!  Then, of course, was the aforementioned dinner at Pueblo Amigo.  Followed by a trip back to Fred Meyer, with coupon this time, to pick up 4 bags of potting soil!  Along with the 2 bags I had leftover from last year, I hope to have enough to plant my Tomatoes and herbs tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, I had family visiting.  My cousin who came is a wonderful woman whom I love to pieces!  We are a lot alike I think...  She even came bearing gifts for us!  She gave us a brand new HealthMaster!  I can't wait to start making some of the yummy recipes that came with it and will most likely "juice" my way through Summer when I just don't feel like doing a lot of cooking. 

She also stocked me up on makeup products, a full line up!  Of course, I don't really "know" how to "wear" it, but I do like playing with it and may figure out a decent "look" for myself one of these days!  This morning while "playing" with it, I found that the foundations are way too dark for my skin (according to Garrick, it looked like someone had punched me in the cheek while he was helping look for cotton balls).  So, when the search for cotton balls turned up empty, I realized, I also do not have makeup remover either!  I tried the stuff my cousin gave worked but it left me feeling very dried out. 

What's a gal to do after that happens?  Hit the internet, of course!  I poured over pages and pages of "how to" guides to make your own...most just say to take a cotton ball and dowse it in Olive Oil to get rid of makeup "naturally".  Now, I have no problem with the "natural" approach, but I do take issue with just rubbing oil on me and expecting to be "clean" when I'm done!  So, after pouring over more pages, I came to the conclusion that I already had a perfectly good recipe here that I could modify (slightly) and have a great makeup remover!  So, I went back to the "How to Make Your Own Baby Wipes" page over at Want What You Have and did a little math!  I didn't want 2 1/2 cups of makeup remover after all!  I worked it down to 1/4 of the recipe, or just a little over 1/2 cup.  Of course, the little jar I grabbed only held 1/4 cup, so I just halved it again and adjusted as I went as well.

My Makeup Remover Recipe

4 Tablespoons hot Water (I turned the teapot on while I melted the oil)
1/4 teaspoon Melted Coconut Oil (I keep mine in a glass jar & mcrowave the whole thing for 30 seconds to melt it)
3/8 teaspoon Baby Shampoo (anything tear free)

I used my 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon to measure the oil and shampoo, I wanted it to have a bit "extra" oil to help can use more or less of both of these ingredients, but I wouldn't go nuts on either!  Then, when they were in the jar, I measured the hot (not boiling, but it could if you want to wait and aren't planning on running straight to the bathroom to try it out) water into the little jar and gave it a stir (with the 1/8 teaspoon to get the last bit of shampoo and oil off it).

Simple, huh?  Of course, I still had the dilemma of not having any cotton balls!  I tried a few squares of toilet paper, but it left little balls of paper on my face, yuck!  Then, I grabbed a semi-soft cleaning cloth out of my linen closet (the lightest color I could find to make sure the makeup was actually being removed), dipped the corner in the solution and wiped away the makeup I wore all day!  Afterward, I wet the other side of the rag with cool water and gave my face a final once over (to sort of rinse the shampoo residue away but hopefully leave the oil behind).  An hour later, my face still feels clean and super soft!  This had the added bonus of letting me "try out" the wipe solution I plan on using once the little one actually gets here...if it works this good on my face, I'm sure I'll be happy about using it on his or her little hiney! 

I also found my way to a new "favorite" blog that I've added to my list of daily stocking reading list!  Her recipe, looking back on it now, for the makeup removers is darned near the same...okay, exactly.  I just don't bother with purchasing water when I can just get it out of the tap.  If you "must" have distilled water though, boil it hard (you know, that really fast boil that spits hot water at you) for 10 to 15 minutes then let it cool to room temp, voila, distilled water!  She also has recipes for homemade shaving lotion, fabric softener, stain remover, and many more that I want to try!  Garrick will appreciate the fabric softener I think, he is still getting used to doing the laundry without dryer sheets, fabric softener in the wash, and OxiClean!  When I make the fabric softener, it will go in a spray bottle to be added to a washrag and tossed in the dryer.  We can't have softener residue in the washer, it'll ruin the cloth diapers!

I am still working on figuring out how to "adapt" my homemade Laundry Soap recipe to something that doesn't take up quite so much room and uses less water (it tends to separate and annoy me).  An added bonus to making it with less water would be that I would need less "product" per load because it would be more concentrated.  A note if anyone made the recipe I posted about a while ago...make sure you put it in either before you put the clothes in (while running water into the machine) or stick your full soap cup under the water stream.  Do not pour it directly on your clothes, especially dark colors!  I've had to put things back through the wash a second time because the white soap left soapy marks on the clothes!

Busy week this week....veggie planting, house cleaning, diaper making(?), and Friday I have another OB/GYN appointment!  We should know at this visit when our ultrasound will be (assuming 4 weeks from Friday since I'll be 20 weeks in early June)!  Today I am 15 weeks 5 days, if anyone is counting.  My how time is just flying!  We went this weekend and picked up the crib and high chair from Garrick's parents.  I had no idea what the crib looked like and was pleasantly surprised to see an exact match to the crib my parents had for me when I was born!  This one is much newer though.  I'm still considering using it downstairs in our soon to be moved office space though, rather than as the "full time crib", I think I still want one with no drop sides and stuff for the overnight use.  This will work excellent for baby napping in the shared office space though!  The highchair is perfect, it actually sits in an upright position (the newer ones lay back and drive me insane)!

Well, I'm off to take inventory of the "homemade" supplies I have/need...I think tomorrow will also be a day of making some "supplies" too!

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