Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuff I'd love to Have...

I went to Home Depot to get the touch up roller and sandpaper this afternoon.  I came home with the roller, the sandpaper, and a quart of paint that I got for free!  I have no idea what color it is since the can isn't marked, but if I go by the tiny paint mark on the outer edge of the can's is just eggshell base #1.  Whatever color it is, I'm sure I can find somewhere to use it!

While I was at Home Depot though, I did a little browsing in the Garden Center....why not?  It isn't like I had to be anywhere or anyone would miss me if I spent an hour or two in the store...  Okay, maybe the dog would miss me, she was waiting for me in the car!  Rosie loves car rides and takes every opportunity to "go for a ride" that she can!  I don't take her during really cold or hot weather though, so she gets Fall and Spring car rides, unless we are traveling as a family somewhere...then she gets her food, water, and dog bed laid out in the back seat!  But, back to the stuff I found at Home Depot!

First, I found this really cool watering "can" has a 50 foot (I could be wrong on the length though) hose inside!  You just hook it up to a faucet and go about watering as you normally would with a can, but no stopping to refill it every other plant!  At $20, I really want one of these!

This next item I found is more of a necessity than a "want"...the only wheel barrow we own is older than both us us!  It was my parent's and when my mother got the chance to get rid of it, she took it!  The bottom has really rusted out these last few years though and large holes are now very evident!  This wheelbarrow is nice and deep, but has a plastic tub that I'm not totally thrilled about.  I don't know how clear the picture in the red dot is, but it has big round handles to make controlling the thing while dumping easier...something that will come in very handy when it's full of chicken poo and "used" pine shavings, I'm sure!  At $70, it isn't the most expensive one they have, but not the cheapest either, for $40 I could get a newer version of the one I have now...with a 3" deep bucket!

And then there's the perfect gift for me...I'm not even sure I'd need a wheelbarrow if I had this bad boy!  Again, it's a plastic bucket portion...but I'm okay with that here!  The bucket portion is hinged to dump away from the handle!  You just pull a little handle/pin (4-5" wide D-shaped piece of rod) and lift it!  I can think of so many things I could do with this!  Not to mention that it is the perfect all terrain wagon for the boys!  Okay, maybe not after it's been filled with chicken poo...
The second photo of the box shows it "dumping" on the right side...  This "toy" is also $ I would hazard a guess that I will eventually have to choose between it and the wheelbarrow...both are so handy for different reasons!  My birthday is coming up in a 3 or so months

There is a ton of stuff I could blow money on at Home Depot...but I limited my drooling to one section of the garden center today, lol.  I also looked at trim and borders today.  Our lawn guy came by yesterday and cut the tops off my two "volunteer" mystery flowers!  I hadn't got them moved yet, I'm a little mad at myself for not doing it earlier and really mad at him for cutting my flowers in half!

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