Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clothing and Weight Loss...

Last Thursday (a day before my "official" weigh in's, but I was out of town that Friday), I weighed myself and have officially reached my first mini goal of 25 pounds gone!  That means I get to treat myself to a "goody" of the non-food variety!  I really want to get some outdoor lawn furniture, lazy boy style lawn chair!  I just have to find one I'm willing to shell out the money for....WalMart has one on sale for $45, but I'm scared to try sitting in it!  I want something comfy that I can lounge around on and maybe get a tan in my backyard this year...  Until then, on to the next mini goal (50 pounds)!

As for clothes though...I posted a while back (a month or so) about my adventures in getting new pants, one of which I might add is already too big!  Over the last few weeks my Mother has also given me shirts that didn't fit her properly that do fit me quite well, one is even a 16/18!  I haven't been in anything under a 20/22 in a very long time!

Probably more info on me than you need, if you don't like talking bra sizes, stop reading here!

Well, I finally had enough of my "up top girl parts" falling all over the place!  So, off to Lane Bryant I went to get a free bra fitting (most places do these nowadays, you just have to ask) and I left with 2 bras that a two even sizes down!  And I have never believed the myth that your boobs are the first thing to go when you loose weight...I may have gone down in number by 4, but my cup size went up by 1 size!  Yeah, my girl parts are not shrinking!  I lucked out though and everything in the store was on sale for 40% off the day I went in, so I got two bras that fit me very well for $40!  I also took my mother along (and her tax exempt status) to save a little more there too.

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