Friday, August 12, 2011

IBA #528, 288, & 133

I tried writing yesterday, I even tried with multiple topics, but for whatever reason I just couldn't get anything out of my mind and onto "paper" that was worth sharing...  Sort of like the day I drew a topic number that simply said "Say you are a fly"...okay, "I'm a fly!"  Yeah, that one didn't get posted (or if it did I went on to another topic quickly).  So, this morning, since I had to be up early for multiple reasons that I will get into later, I tried my best to make a "worth-while" post this morning.  One that was at least semi-close in length to other topics I have written about (not my monster "piss off as many people from my past as I can" post though).  I managed to get 701 words out this morning, but that includes the topics where near the 4,000 words I have managed for other IBA's.  So, either "you're welcome" for a shorter post to read or "I'm sorry I don't have that much to say today", depending on which camp you are in.  I won't be trying the first topic any time soon...I absolutely hate the taste of our tap water (I am currently trying to gag down a large glass as directed for an appointment I have this morning and it is all I can do to get it down!  I would rather grab anything else out of the fridge to count as the fluid needed!  Straight lemon juice would do me just fine!), but again, more on that later.

# 528 - Try drinking more water, and stop soda for a week.

This is something I work on all the time…at least the cutting back of soda (always Diet), but I won’t be blogging about it today as I haven’t done it and this is one of those things you need to do in advance…  Next?

# 288 - They grow up so fast. When do you let them where make-up, shave their legs, etc…?

This is not really something I have to worry about anyone in my family needing to answer any time soon.  My sister is preparing for her 4th baby boy in November (due on Thanksgiving, though currently looking like he may be born on his brother’s birthday a week before) and on the other side of our little “family” (not my in-laws, but might as well consider them that way since we aren’t going anywhere any time soon), we have one nephew.  However, having been “there” and done “that”, I do have an opinion on the subject!

As far as make-up goes, I do not wear it myself, so I could go with the “until they are old enough to buy it themselves” excuse, but I know other people’s parents are more than willing to buy that for them or they will simply steal it if they really want it.  Now, if your 6 year old wants to wear make-up, I am totally against it!  (Every parent on Toddlers & Tiaras should be locked up for child abuse, in my, oh so humble, opinion.)  Nevertheless, I think I would be okay with supplying (and therefore having a say in what is purchased) my own child with make-up any time after 12 or 13.  Of course, none of the morbid black lipstick stuff with pale face…my sister went through that phase…it was an embarrassment to be seen anywhere near her!  Each child is different, so I would not just give a blanket “When you are X years old, you can wear make-up!” response.  One might be mature enough to handle it at 13; the next may not be at that stage of life until 14 or older.  I think it should be discussed often if there is an interest at all.

Now, on the topic of shaving legs, pits, etc… This is where “you” (or I or Susie down the block) should be pushing the point!  “Fur” is not cute!  If you notice your kid has hair coming out of areas that we generally keep smooth (as women), it is time to teach them what to do!    This is something they can avoid being teased about at school if you are keeping a watchful eye on your kid.  Of course, if it “slips by you” and they say they are being teased about it (even once), it is also time to teach them how to remedy the issue.

# 133 - If you had to give up one material possession for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is really a tough one; there are so many things we have/use that I know I could go without having!  I thought this was going to be an easy question to really wake up my brain this morning and get something down on “paper”, but it just isn’t flowing this morning and the only thing I can even start to come up with is “paper towels”…I could go the rest of my life without paper towels.  As it stands, even though we buy them in bulk (10 or so rolls at a time), we are usually too lazy to go get them from their basement hiding place when the roll we have in the kitchen runs out.  So, we tend to use our kitchen towels (which, in my opinion is better anyway) more often.  In addition, while away from home, most businesses have already replaced the “expense” of providing paper towels with those blow dryer things. 

Of course, if we are talking more personal items…I would have to say my jewelry.  I do not own much and most of it is inexpensive, so it really would not be a huge loss to give it up either.  

The link there in the middle for the New York Pulse Perfection is  the vibrating Mascara I was talking about last week in a post!  I love, love, love that stuff!  But, don't buy it for a kid...they don't need mascara...they usually fall into 2 categories as far as mascaras go..."not enough to notice it's there" or "Oh my freaking god, wash your freaking lashes!".  Mascara is one thing I do wear a lot of (or rather, wear often) and I do not wear it heavily caked...I had a friend in school that wore it so thick (and never washed it off) that she always was losing bits of it into her eyeball!  Just teach them how to use cover up and eyeshadow and maybe a little blush.

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