Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spending Money...

We got our TV today!  We still need to get the wall mount mounted, but we set it up on the stand for now.  When my other half gets home from his training class next week, we'll get it on the wall and have our dresser back, mostly.  The DirectTV box will still be there and a Blu-Ray player when we eventually get one (maybe for Christmas?) will have to be there.  I promptly put the receipt for the TV through the washer (I wanted to make sure that particular pair of pants was clean for next week), so I'll go by Costco tomorrow and see if they can reprint the receipt for me.  We need it for the warranty I think...

After that was all said and done, we went to Aslin-Finch to buy chick feed.  I wanted to get them on unmedicated (they need to make the switch eventually anyway), but the feed store by my house only stocks medicated.  I asked if they were out and was told "that company only makes medicated"....funny how they have  a picture of the unmedicated bag right there on the flyer you have posted with the feed....  So, I bought a 25. pound bag of medicated ($8 for 25 lbs vs. $6 for another 5 lb bag) and plan on driving out to the Valley location next week to see if they have unmedicated. 
Then it was off to Kmart (yuck) to buy the children's sandbox I had found online.  Unfortunately, Kmart is the only store in my area that carries it...WalMart doesn't have any sandboxes in yet.  $30, plus tax, for a sandbox that holds 150 pounds of sand (that's 3 bags worth)...not that bad if you just do a simple search for sandboxes, lol.   We went last night because the online info says they are open until 10 pm on weeknights...only to be yelled at from across the parking lot that they were closed!  When we went in today, the sign by the door does, in fact, say they close at 9pm...but the Pharmacy is open until 10pm.  The Pharmacy is located IN the store with NO outside access!  We almost never shop's a dirty store, it smells like old cigarette smoke inside and makes me itch just walking in the door.  But, I got what I wanted and left as quickly as possible!

I finished off my afternoon with a little work on the coop.  I found I don't have as many "short" boards as I thought and I'll have to cut a few inches off most of them to get them to fit.  A job for another day when my blood sugars aren't so low!  But, I did get half of one side done with the boards I did have.  I decided to put them on the inside and nail up, this was much easier than trying to wiggle my hand and hammer into a 6 inch space to try to nail from the top down!  For the other half of the "roof", I took a piece of OSB cut just the right width and slid it in from the top between the runners, it fit perfectly!  Getting nails into it is proving to be as difficult as I had imagined though.  I got one nail in either side, I'll take the drill out tomorrow or Monday and stick a couple screws in it from the inside, hopefully that'll suck it down and keep it in place!  So, I have half if the roof yet to cover, but I did get two of the four sections covered today!  It was a little cold down there for me to want to stay out more than an hour anyway.
I also met my "new" neighbors that share a fence with me...apparently the people with the pool have rented out the top half of the house!  I knew the people I was seeing looked "new", but since I've never met the ones that live there/own it...I thought maybe it was family or something.  Anyway, they told me all about how awful the inside of the house was.  I guess I have a hoarder living back there!  They rented the house for the cost of utilities and cleaning the house up.  One of the owners is still living in the downstairs, coming and going from the slider down there, which is why the stupid dog is still there.  Anyway, the "new" people are cutting down all the pine trees and stuff and really cleaning up the back yard!  That is really nice since it was really starting to smell back there!  I say "new" because they have been there since September!  I had only met the woman living there before once...and it was not under good circumstances!  So, it took me this long to go over and have a conversation with them through the fence, lol.  We even got to talking and the new gal works for the state..she said when they are hiring part time again, she'll let me know!  Even at 10-20 hours a week answering phones, it's something!  She said starting pay is something like $13 an hour too!  I wanna work for unemployment, lol!  I have another neighbor that works in the social services end...but she is not as happy about her job.  The state has cut all worker's hours in half to make up for the budget overages (it's something like $4 billion over what they actually does one make that big of an "oops" in the budget anyway?), so I don't expect them to be hiring any time soon.

On the job front though, my sister was fired from her job today.  A word to the wise to those people that give poor survey ratings when you call Apple Tech Support...someones job is on the line every time you give a low number because you're pissed off at Apple!  She was fired because one too many people rated her help too low.  They played back the calls and in every one she did nothing wrong as far as customer care goes...people gave low numbers because (1) they never rate higher than X or (2) they wanted her to do something that wasn't in their plan, like giving them access to something when they didn't have the Apple Care Protection Plan!  The good news though, she went in to Lane Bryant this morning (she turned down an interview with them last week) and has an interview at 5pm for a Management position!  Go little sister, go!  My sister and her family live with my Mom and Uncle and right now her income and her husband's is all they have for the 7 people in that house!  So, I'm rooting for her to bounce back quickly!  Especially since they just found out (a couple of weeks ago) that they are expecting their fourth child.

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