Monday, April 4, 2011

More Food Stuff...

French Dip, minus bun.
I had a "busy food weekend"!  I started with a French Dip at bread.  Next time I'll ask them to toss a slice of Swiss on it and maybe add some sauteed mushrooms too!  But, my "pile o' meat" was tasty none the less.  I got a side salad instead of the fries too, filled me up!

I tried a new dessert (from the Atkins Chef Recipes)...Almond Panna Cotta.  I followed the recipe as best I could, but I ran out of Almond Extract!  I had 1 1/2 teaspoons, not the 2 teaspoons it called for, but I think it tastes almost overpowering as it is!  I used little baking pans I have for molds, but I think they are a little too big for this dish, the panna cotta turned out really thin (like less then 1/2" thick)!  Next time, I'll use my glass "pinch cups" that are about 1/2 cup in size...make little domes, lol.  The sunflower ones didn't turn out looking like much...the heart ones are kinda cute though.

I also made my Mac & Cheese that I adapted from the one in Suzanne Somer's cookbook Fast & Easy (I think), it's been a long while since I've needed the recipe, lol.  I like my adaptation much better than her version!  We couldn't have this at all if we followed strict Atkins...way too much cream in it for that!  I don't make it very often though and we probably will only have it one or two more times before the weather gets too hot to cook on anything but the grill outside!

Tonight I went for easy...we had Single Stackers at Burger King (minus Bun, plain, with A1 added)!  I get 3 of's the same price as ordering a triple stacker, but if you order singles, you get 3 times the Bacon!  Tomorrow I'm planning on Pork Chops for dinner...with Peas on the side.

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