Saturday, May 21, 2011

25 Pounds Lighter...

Technically, I hit this 2 weeks ago and am now past the 25 pound mark by a whopping pound (give or take a few 0.1s...6 of them on Friday!), but I finally got around to having my other half take a photo of me.  I hate with a passion those "Look, I took a picture of me!" shots...even if you think no one can tell you did it yourself...they know...they all know!  Anywho, so I had him snap a photo for me.  This entails (as always) showing him how to work the camera on my cell phone...  It isn't a "bad" photo...just not a good one, lol.  I hate, hate, hate how I look in, I'm hard pressed to find any actual photos of myself when I need them!

But, here I am in my size 22 shorts (2 full sizes down from what I was barely fitting into in October 2010), my new(ish) shirt (a size down here as well!), and my new "thing under the shirt" (2 full sizes down around)!  This time last year, I would have never fit into anything but my shoes!  Okay, maybe the socks...but everything else was extremely tight fitting!  Another thing to notice, if you really want to study my multi-staged skin colors.  My legs?  They never tan, even when I they stay that pasty white year-round.  My arms are both very tan, my driving arm (the left one) is much darker than the right though and they both have untanned "elbow pits" since I tend to bend at the elbow when resting my arm on the truck door as I drive.  Neck up is a variety of shades from "crusty, peeling" skin where the very burnt skin on the back of my neck and ear to the bright pink of new skin where the burnt stuff has sloughed off already.  I don't worry too much about "tanning"...cancer risks and all that, but I may try to even things out a bit this Summer, lol.

And, if your house is anything like my bring out the camera (or the phone for that matter) and everybody needs your attention right at that moment!  My cats, dog, and even the chickens are the that way!  Rosie heard me click the camera mode on my cell phone on and she came out of nowhere to "pose" for photos, lol.  This one I did play with a little in the editing software that is built into Photobucket...saturation colors, sharpened a few edges...nothing to off the wall!  She's an old girl...her birthday is September 12, 2001, so she'll be 10 years old this year.  My childhood dog was also a black lab, by 9 years old, she was taking a daily dose of Thyroid meds, but she lived to be almost 15 years old.  I don't see any signs that Rosie is slowing down anytime soon either!  I think she needs a buddy...I got Rosie when Lickorice (that's what happens when you let a 9 year old choose the spelling) was about the same age she is now, maybe a year or two older though...  They were good buddies right up to the end!

Well, back to work for me!  I have Raspberry bushes to get in the ground and a watering system to install in my planters!

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