Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gardening Weather is Nearly Here!

With our lows almost high enough, it's almost time to get outside and really plant things in the dirt!  While at Fred Meyer today, I had a long wait for the pharmacy, so I headed outside to see what they had, not expecting to find too much with temps still staying fairly low this year.  To my surprise, they had a pretty good selection of Herbs out!

I got a pretty good looking Catnip plant (for the cats), but since I grow it outside, it has to stay in a hanging basket to keep everyone else's cats from sleeping in it!  It also smells awful, so keep it away from any windows you may open...

Creeping Thyme "Pink Chintz"
I don't think the herbs I started from seed are really going to succeed this year, but for now, I stayed away from what I planted.  I did pick up a Creeping Thyme though!  For now I have three plants stuffed into a wire hanging basket with a coconut fiber liner (I bought 6 plants), these will eventually be replanted into their own planters, but I needed a way to keep them safe until then.  Since I'm going out of town for a few days, they are going to remain in the pots I bought them in until I get home.

I also picked out a Lavender plant and a "Sugar Bush"...better known as a Stevia plant!  I have heard Stevia is hard to grow, but I'd like to give it a shot!

Apple Mint
Then I found the Mint section!  Last year I grew Mint "Chocolate" and Peppermint, but found the smell of the Peppermint a bit off putting, especially next to the Chocolate one.  This year I picked up another Mint "Chocolate" as well as an Apple Mint!  They both smell so good!  I can't wait for this to take off so I can start picking!
Mint "Chocolate"
So, with 6 new plants and a set of tomato cages, I'm set to get gardening as soon as I get home!  I even got one of our coolers washed out today before lunch!  Mainly because I need to pack it full of frozen food before I leave in the morning, but eh, it's ready for Summer now! 
I am more then ready for the hot days of Summer...  A friend of mine that lives in Irvine, CA said today they are having 92 degree weather...it is currently 51 degrees here!  I want to be there instead!

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