Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Work on the Coop...

It's shorts weather today!  Happy May everyone!  Okay, so not really "warm", but almost 60 and sunny, so it felt like shorts weather!  We (I kinda forced work on the other half) got outside this afternoon and we (he) got the rest of the watering system dug up, or at least most of it...we cut it off a foot or so to the right of the water spigot out back, no idea how far this set up runs for (there are multiple systems...none of them have worked in years)!  I now have an area I can turn into part of my veggie garden this year!  I'm thinking of putting my beans and peas there so they can climb the house a bit...not sure if that's a good idea or not though...
After that work was done (or at least to a stopping point I'm comfortable with), I got to work on the coop!  Somewhere in the middle of the night I realized I was going to have an issue with attaching the door to the trim.frame I attached!  So, after picking through my wood pile, I had an idea!  A 2x4 attached next to the trim, which is less than 1/2" thick, should make up the difference in thickness and line up with my door!  The door was cut from the same piece of wood I made the people door out of, 1/2-3/4" plywood (I believe it's 3/4", but not sure on that).  It works perfectly!  Of course, I can't cut a straight line to save my they are a little "off" looking, but I think it adds to the "charm"!  I had to get help cutting the 2x4, I just didn't have the arm strength today for the hand saw, so I was using the reciprocating saw, much faster, but harder to control and I need both hands to maneuver it with!  The attached 2x4 doesn't look too bad from the angle of the photo, but the top edge is actually curved!  I received a good amount of teasing when my other half noticed my cut line that I was no where even close to (I was originally going to cut at an angle but that just didn't work out).  The teasing got worse after I cut the other board too!  He watched me draw the straight line and proceed to cut no where near it, lol.  I won't be attaching the other 2x4 piece though until I get the door hung...that way I can fit it to the outside of the door for a snug fit!  The other 2x4 will be where the latches for the pop door are attached to.  Then, I'll attach a small piece of board to cover the lower gap and then figure out how I'm going to attach a ramp!  I think I may put the ramp resting on the blue pallet below the door, the girls would have a 6" or so jump coming and going from the coop...I think they'll be able to handle that!

The other half of "we" got the drill bit out that was stuck in the coop too!  Yeah for team work!  I got it stuck and he got it unstuck!

I found two new items to add to my wish list...a food dehydrator (not a super expensive one, but not the world's cheapest one either) and a food storage sealer (a vacuum sealer)...I have high hopes for my garden this year...need a way to store all that potential food!

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