Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keeping Things in Life "Separate"...

Well, the new blog is up and running!  Due to the content of that blog however, I am attempting to keep it as separate as possible.  If you are interested in adult toy reviews or places for such items in the Spokane and surrounding areas...send me a note and I will happily share the address!  But it just isn't something I'm going to broadcast. 

I will say that I have a couple of reviews under my belt now from a site that blatantly uses free product offers to get unpaid "employees" to write reviews for them.  This both works for and against me as I am not earning any money while I "work" at this, but at the same time, I get free "stuff" and with guidance from a mentor, I will be improving my writing skills along the way as well.

I wonder do all the other bloggers I see get into doing reviews for so many different companies?  I want in on that action!  I really don't care what it a new deodorant scent?  I'll give it whirl!  New dog food?  Well, I won't taste it, but I'll let my dog try it and let you know if she turns her nose up at it...  How about clothes?  I love those!  Only think I won't test on myself or my immediate family is carbohydrates!

I'm a free sample kind of gal...I have a whole container in my kitchen with sweetener and drink samples in it, the dog has had many, many sample treats (she absolutely loves the creme filled sandwich cookies by the way...chocolate and peanut butter are her faves!), bars of soap...make up (I don't wear it but I keep trying every time I get in on a sample...I freaking love the vibrating mascara from Maybelline - Pulse Perfection by Define-a-lash)!  Of course, the mascara is no where to be found now and I'm super stoked I still have 3 tubes of it!  It is no where to be found on their website or in the "discontinued products", so I have no idea if they even made it to market with it...

I may just start writing random reviews on my free samples and see if I catch anyone's eye that way, lol.  I have the spare time...I could do reviews all day long!  It usually takes me about an hour to write a 1500-word review...I type slower when I have to think about it.

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