Sunday, August 14, 2011

IBA #334

# 334 - If my husband significant other and I had looked for each other online instead of meeting in school/being set up/working together…

Funny thing about this one is that we actually did meet online!  My favorite statistic right now is being used in a commercial; it states that 1 in 5 relationships now start online.  I suppose that makes me a statistic.  I think it may be a little higher than that, but I do know people that still think it’s “weird” to meet your mate on the Internet, so maybe not.  My sister met her hubby at work, my Mother met her’s in High school, I have two married friends, one met her husband in high school (okay, elementary school) and the other met her husband online.  Therefore, out of the 5 of us, we are sitting at a rate of 2 in 5 (or 40%).  Not a huge difference, but that does not include my extended family and friends.  Yesterday, a cousin of mine married a woman that he met through an internet dating site (I believe Match, but I could be wrong)!

My other half and I met vaguely through a dating site.  At the time, we were both too cheap (and still are) to pay for the service and were both using free accounts.  I have told this story before, but we still attribute the Yahoo Dating Service (whatever it is called now) in enabling us to meet.  I suspect that in the future, these dating sites will be used more and more, simply because it makes it a lot easier to find someone!

I don’t think this is really a topic made for everyone to write on…it makes it painfully obvious (along with all the ones about kids) that I found these on a “Mom bloggers” page.  I recently read an article about writing a better review for a product on your blog.  The author (also a blogger) makes an April Fool’s page each year and implements all of the “no-no’s” into it.  After reading the article (15 things not to do in writing a review), I have found myself critiquing not only my own writing but also that of every other blogger and reviewer I see!  I overuse “lol” in my own writing, which is rule #1 in the article!  I know there are better ways of communicating, but I get lazy.  Of course, rule #3 is to not assume the reader’s marital status, I think this IBA falls very short on that one!  However, I suppose the writer was taking ideas from his/her own blog.

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