Thursday, March 17, 2011


With the help of a kind soul over at BYC, I found this page helping sex BR and Dominique chicks!  I am so relieved to know for sure that my little BR is really a girl!  I know it was a fairly irrational's a sex-linked breed, meaning the boys look different than the girls when they hatch, but I just couldn't shake it today!  Her head spot does look like the one they say is hard to tell for sure, but she does have the darker legs and stuff. :)

But we blew the low-carb thing for dinner tonight!  We went to Old Country Buffet tonight and their selection of food not laden in carbs was very few and very far between. :(  They had almost no meat on the cutting station and what was there was mostly fat and grizzle, yuck!  The "spare ribs" they had available were coated in "Sweet & Sour, Honey Barbecue sauce"!  I couldn't make that up if I tried!  I almost asked why they didn't dip them in plain white sugar too for good measure!  I did "okay" for the most part...had a super dry baked chicken breast (my boyfriend peeled the crust off the fried chicken, but I think I ended up getting more meat off mine), a scoop of green beans, and a scoop of taco meat with some nacho cheese drizzled on, a little sour cream, a handful of iceberg shreds, and about 1 olives worth of sliced black olives...  Round 2 consisted of a small salad (baby Spinach & mixed greens) with some peas, chopped egg (1/4 of an egg maybe), shredded Cheddar, and a bit of Ranch dressing...also had a small spoonful of Real Bacon on top.  With the salad, I picked the breading off a corn dog and ate the dog in the center.  I don't know how they could serve those corn dogs...the dogs were pathetic and the breading was actually raw and gooey in the middle!  They finally refilled the Corned Beef tray by then, so I tried some of that too...with more green beans.  The corned beef was horrible!  Besides being super fatty (I had to cut half of every slice off because it was pure fat), it appeared that they forgot to brine the meat!  I would assume a buffet place bought it pre-brined...but parts if the meat were the normal "red" color of Corned Beef, the rest was a grey yucky looking color. :(  It didn't taste very much like Corned Beef either, nor was it cut properly, but that's just me being a perfectionist...  To finish off the meal I had planned on having a "reduced sugar" dessert, but what they had was "mystery orange colored" cream pie or Apple Pie...I decided "to heck with it" and grabbed what looked like Cheesecake instead.  It turned out tasting more like whatever the orange "cream pie" thing (I imagine would taste like) and was super sweet, leading to an upset stomach now.  We had a coupon for $3 off our meals each, but even with that, we paid $20 for dinner!  We have agreed that next time we go out, we'll go to Shari's where we can get perfectly low-carbed meals for the same price, leave full, and happy about the choices we made.  Neither of us felt very good after tonight's meal...

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