Thursday, March 17, 2011

Basket Weaving and other classes...

Back in February, I decided I wanted to take a class or two (or 15) from the IEL (Institute of Extended Learning) through the Community Colleges (yes, there are two here).  Once they came out with the spring catalog, about a week after I got this bug, I got to looking and dreaming about all the different things I could learn to do!

My "wish list" for the coming months includes:
     Chi Kung (Qigong) - a style of martial arts that is slow and stead movements.  I took this before we moved from Central Oregon in combination with Tai Chi.  The one I want to do meets every Friday for an hour.
     Tai Chi - Another form of "slow martial arts", these aren't fighting styles...more like balance and focus styles. :)  This one meets every Tuesday for an hour.
     Tai Chi Chuan - A slightly different version of the previous class.  Meets on Wednesdays for an hour.
     Deep Creek Geological Field Trip - Doesn't that sound like fun?!?  It's basically a day hike in the area with the added bonus of learning a little about the geology of the area!  This is an activity that my other half just loves, but we don't do much (if any) of.  It's 4 hours on a Saturday.
      Basket Weaving - The class I found in the catalog is a repeat of the same class I'm taking right now, but I did talk to the instructor about maybe starting a new class with different baskets as well! Who knew I'd love spending my time in a Senior Center before I had grandchildren & great grandchildren!  (Heck, I don't even have a child!)  In chatting with the gals in my class, I found out that you only have to be over 18 to take advantage of the classes they offer there!  There was a craft sale going on yesterday and I found out they have a "craft class" that meets almost daily to make things.  They had stuffed animals, baskets, blankets, all sorts of stuff!  I am very tempted to ask about joining them for would keep me on point when crocheting anyway, lol.

I have found a new craft to love in Basket Weaving!  It can be frustrating at times...mainly when learning the skill needed for the basket at hand.  But I already have big plans for what I can do with a little bit of reed supplies!  I'm still looking for a good supplier, but I did find this website that looks promising.  More to come once I have actually placed my reed order!  But, it does look to be one of the less expensive places to buy reed from online, we have no local stores to buy supplies at!

We started our month long class on the first Wednesday in March.  We then skipped a week because the classroom was unavailable!  My instructor started us with a fairly easy basket to make, a Melon Basket!  I didn't get finished in the 3 hour time slot, but was able to finish it at home in about 45 minutes (a great beginner time)!

It is in no way, shape, or form "perfect" leans a little to one side, but looks perfectly round!  I'm in the process of locating less expensive items to use as hoops...I discussed making hoops from round reeds with my instructor, as well as using the wooden embroidery hoops (which I can find locally, on sale, for about 4 for $1).  These little baskets would make awesome Easter baskets for little ones!  Once it dried fully, the color was much lighter.

We made our second basket in class this week, it is a hanging heart shaped basket.  Or that's what it's supposed to be, lol.  It is really supposed to be much flatter...but mine came out pretty cool, I think!  It's now hanging in my bathroom, awaiting it's final home...which I haven't decided on yet.

I think this basket would look great with a few more reeds in it, I'm not a hug fan of the large gaps like that!

We start a third basket next week using round reed and sea grass...this is an awesome skill set to have!

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