Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's "Adventures"...

Well, this morning was "exciting" with the power going out and all!  I got a response to a comment I posted over at BYC about it to "not worry about the brooder" when the power goes out!  How can I not worry?  I've heard all the horror stories of other people's power going out and them loosing entire hatches of new chicks!  I only have three babies, they don't hold that much heat!  Anyway, all is well in the world of chick brooder heating needs now...

Avista was very quick to restore the power, which amazes me since we never actually talked to a real person!  My other half called to tell them it was out and went through an automated system.  Then, about 5 minutes after the power came back on, a computer called me and told me to "press 1" if my power was back on, lol.  After pressing "1", the computer thanked me for my service and told me to have a nice day!  Which I did, lol.

I transplanted my Sunflower sprouts into 32 ounces soda bottles that I have cut the tops off of (& drilled drain holes in)...I have 8 sprouts in 6 bottles.  I've been saving them up for a while now!  I also transplanted my Morning Glory starts into 2 hanging baskets, 7 plants in each pot...I want these to trail and look pretty, lol.  The rest of the starts are still pretty small so they'll stay in the starter cells for a while longer (a day or two anyway).  I need to buy more dirt, I finished off one bag I had left over from last year and half of the other bag I had gotten last year (I over estimated what I needed).  With 6+ hanging planters to fill still, along with figuring out where I'm going to put my veggies, I'm not going to get by with 1/2 a small bag!

I have been seriously lacking in the "home making" this week, so we got the dishes mostly caught up (second load is in the dishwasher) and when it is done later, we'll empty that and get the last stuffed in and ready to go after breakfast tomorrow.  I did start cleaning out and reorganizing my spice cupboard today...still need to finish that though!

Tomorrow I want to go see if I can find "reasonably priced" bags of dirt, Embroidery hoops (for making baskets), and I "need" to stop by the feed store out in the Valley to pick up a bag of chick grit (realistically, I need a small amount, but they don't sell it by the handful). 

I had to pick some poo off the BR today, she got some and it was starting to "catch" more...I don't think it was really "pasty butt", but I ended up having to pull some of her fluff to get it off.  :(  She's doing fine now though.  My BR also bit me today!  I have a blood blister on my index finger from getting it caught in the dog's nail trimmer on Tuesday...and she noticed it!  I got pecked & since it's sensitive still, I covered it with my thumb, making the next best "target" a large freckle I have on the ring finger of the same hand!  The pecking doesn't bother me, it kinda tickles, but for whatever reason, she went at my freckle with an open beak and clamped down on it and then tried to rip it off my hand!  It startled me more than it hurt...but she gave me a good pinch!  All three of them have learned how fun digging holes in the pine shavings is!  One digs a smallish hole down to the tub floor and then all three attack the newly revealed spot of red plastic, lol.  This was hilarious until they started doing it in their feeder too....

And for the low carb end of things...we had Jack in the Box for dinner tonight (we were out running an errand after starting the first load of dishes).  I had two "Big Cheeseburgers" with no bun and plain (no sauces), they really load up on the Ketchup & Mayo!  They also use a mayo with a lot of sugar in it, but the packets you can ask for are a little better.  Today I was feeling BBQ Saucey, so I had it!  Between my burgers, I used half of one dip packet, and a little mustard.  I also had a "jr. Bacon cheeseburger" that is hardly worth mentioning...they are tiny little burger patties, topped with a slice of cheese, and one piece of bacon!  Tomorrow I'm going to make "funnel cakes" for breakfast...and maybe a couple of pork sausage patties...I think we have some Jimmy Dean Sage flavored Pork Sausage!  Yum!  I'm also going to try to get a Cauliflower Pizza Crust made for dinner on Sunday...Saturday is the "Best of the Best" pool tournament and my other half is playing in it!  That'll be a "fast dinner" night...but I will try to get some Oopsie Hot Dog buns made so we can have hot dogs in buns for dinner!

Both the Pizza Crust and Oopsie rolls come from the "Your Lighter Side" blog that I read...once I figure out how to link them, I will!

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