Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teaching myself...

When we first moved to Eastern Washington, I was still going to college.  I was completely excited about the Microbiology class I was enrolled in!  Unfortunately, the instructor was a complete jerk (and didn't know what he was talking about most of the time)!  Needless to say, I did not learn as much as I could have in that class!  I still have my lab book and text (it sits quietly on a shelf in my office alongside my Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, and Psychology books!  What I want to do in some of my spare time is actually learn the things in those thick text books!

To do that though, I need a microscope!  This is the one I want, it's even affordable, as long as I save all the pennies I find laying about and turn all of our aluminum cans in for cash!  I have a good chunk of the money already saved from the wood I sold a few months ago.  The sale runs through 3/31/11, so I need to figure out if I can spend the money in the next week or so, or pay the $40 higher price in a few months.  It's on sale for $180 (plus roughly $10 shipping), it isn't a cheap toy...but we did just buy a brand new Ipad 2 for the other half, lol.  My toy costs a lot less!  I highly recommend watching video on the site for that about a great learning tool to have at home!  Slides and stuff can be found online for cheap, or if you are lucky enough to live near a Fry's, they sell slides and stains and such!  They also sell micro-chemistry kit stuff (used for Organic Chemistry experiments, or toys for your little scientists)!

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