Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh please, oh please be a Girl!

I have an irrational (or maybe rational) fear that my Barred Rock chick is a little Roo instead of a Pullet!  I have read so much about telling them apart, that I have gotten myself completely confused!  Gerty is definitely the bossiest chick in the group, if she is awake, the other two are as well because she won't just let them be!  Tonight she was crawling under them (like a chick does with Momma hen), but she is nearly twice the size of the little SLW chicks!  She was also using their fluff to clean her beak off with, lol.  She stands guard over the other two when I'm around too, putting her tiny body between me and the other her ounce or three of weight can save them from being picked up. ;)  Completely adorable, but I can't have a roo!

Her "dot" looks smudged to me...but I forget whether it's supposed to be or not for the girls, lol.  It looked more defined yesterday, so she could just be past the age where it's easy to tell them apart...  Time will tell!

 I gave up on the paper towels today...after lifting out the dirty ones yesterday evening, they found the "treats" in the corners and were digging out the pine shavings like mad!  When I changed them this afternoon, I decided to see what they'd do without the towel layer.  They seemed to be walking steady enough, and I can hardly pry them away from the food and water, lol.  I did out a couple of paper towels under the water because it is actually sitting on top of an overturned plastic plate and I wanted to give them a little traction there.  I was surprised how warm the water got too!  No wonder they all made a beeline to the water when I filled it with cold!  I'll change that a couple of times a day from now on!

I tried bribing them with "treats" today to get them to like me...the black coffee canister lid was chick starter mixed with a little warm water...which they refuse to touch as long as I'm in the room, but they cleaned it off twice in under 5 minutes as soon as I duck out!  Next week I'll try them with a little plain Greek yogurt (cause Greek is what I have)...

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