Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smelly stuff...

I bought a Glade Sense & Spray a few weeks ago, the one that came with Vanilla & Lavender scent.  It smells really nice, and as an added bonus, the container looks a lot like a tan colored stone vase (if only I could stick a few fake flowers in it).  But, there is no way to adjust the sensor on it!  I have it in the dining room (which is open to the kitchen and overlooks the entire downstairs living area with no walls to "block the smell" with) so it isn't too terribly strong...  I even turned it around so that the sensor wasn't getting triggered by shadows (though it was funny watching the cat freak out from across the room when his shadow set it off last week!  Now though, every time a car drives by or a cloud happens to pass over the house...the smelly thing bombs to entire house!  It does have a self-timer that keeps it from going off all the time...but every 20 minutes during the day ( at least semi-sunny days), this this spritzes the house and we can smell it very strongly in both offices at the opposite end of the house!

I guess it could be worse...but I really wish I could adjust the sensitivity or at least the self-timer "lockout" feature.  It has a button I can push if I want more!  And on the plus side, the house smells good all the time. ;)

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