Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catch up Time! (Part 2)


The girls have figured out that the stacking laundry basket that will eventually become their nest box means something yummy their way comes!  This was the look I was getting last night before they saw the treat!

Of course, they thought the treat was even better, lol.  I only give them half a yolk at any given time, because they absolutely stuff themselves with it and then don't eat their "healthy diet" of Chick Starter.  This yolk came out of the 2-day pickled egg I ate that I made using the juice leftover in the last jar of Sugar Free Sweet Gherkins!  I found I prefer "sweet" pickled eggs to the Dill ones!  Who'da thunk it?!?  I don't think I've ever even had them done in sweet juice, but it's the only jar of pickles in the house at the moment, lol.
The other day I was feeling bad about not having given them any "treats" for several days, so I mixed a little Hot Water in their feed and gave them a little bowl of it.  Pandemonium ensued!  They fought over a place to stand and eat and had little tiffs when they couldn't share, lol.  They also cause quite a racket with happy little chirps!  Nothing like the chirping I heard when I got home from my basket weaving class today!  Today they were all in a panic when Gerty figured out how to jump on top of the feeder!  I went running down the stairs to panicked chirps on;y to find her perched atop the feeder looking down at the other two, lol.  I ended up taking the lid off and sitting with them so they could try to jump up onto the lip of the tub (they can't do it consistently, but both Clyde and Gerty have done it).  Most of the time, they fall a little short and only get their head even with the top, but it's fun to watch them try!

The girls have slowly figured out what a bowl full of sand was for (another panicked chirping moment) this week...Gerty was first, but I've caught them all dust bathing since.  And boy is the dust flying now! They are growing new feathers so fast now!  Fluff and dust is everywhere now!  I'm going to have to do a thorough dusting in there this weekend, lol.  But, it is so much fun watching them dig out a hole and then use the feathers at the tips of their wings to throw dirt/sand onto their backs from under their wings!
Gerty, still covered in dirt/sand after her first Dust bath!

Henri getting set for another "hand nap"!

Clyde "posing" while I was trying to get a close pic of her "owie".

Other Stuff...

I mentioned my new obsession with Tuna Salad and other foods earlier... my Tuna for lunch didn't pan out (I had to leave for my class), so instead I had a MiM with a little butter on it and a very small amount of Walden Farms "Raspberry" Jam.  I use the quotes because it doesn't contain enough Raspberry for it to register in the Calories/Carbs/anything!  It does however, taste like a no sugar/no carb/no calorie food...  It was a decent change from nothing though...  I also had a "1-day" pickled egg that I put in the jar last night.  I am already planning a Tuna Melt in Tomato Halves for lunch tomorrow!

The third and final basket in my basket weaving class was finished today the last day of class)!  It's a pretty basket, large and round.  I don't like working with Sea Grass though (the darker colored stuff) smells funky and comes apart way too easy!  Also, I think it would look better with using a dyed reed the same size as the rest...but in some fun color, like Purple!  I need to get some reed ordered so I can get to work on the Easter baskets for the boys...I only have a few weeks before they need them!  I may get that ordered this weekend, if not before.

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