Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures in Clothes Shopping...

While my Mother was visiting, I took the opportunity to go clothes shopping, not a hobby my other half is fond of...  I first went to Ross, what's better than cheaper clothes?  I was really on a mission to get a pair of shorts for this summer...we had some 60+ degree weather a few weeks ago (it's currently snowing at my house!) and I had to wear my jeans because every pair of shorts and capri's I own are too big!  Well, that shopping trip was a bust as far as pants/shorts/anything below the waist is concerned, I did however, find two new shirts in the next size down (2x)!  One is just a simple grey with a sweetheart type neckline and the other is a slightly more "dressy" shirt that looks like a shirt and short sleeved jacket combo.  The shirt/jacket one also has a "necklace" that attaches on either side of the shirt to create a very finished look!  It is still a little clingy around my middle, but it does look good and should fit me for a while, while I continue to lose more weight!  I also got a new pair of sunglasses and a new blanket for our bed while I was there.  The blanket we use during the colder months is a down alternative comforter that is an over sized King (fits our King sized bed with about 6 inches hanging on either side), it is too warm for my other half in the hottest months though.  We have fought over the other blanket options for as long as I can remember, I need the weight of a blanket to be able to sleep and he finds anything I put on the bed too warm.  We have two of the woven "hotel blankets" that are cotton,,,I forget what they're called, but both have huge holes in them from years and years of use and "someone" pulling the weaving so that he could read a book in bed while still mostly under the blankets when he was younger.  I found a light green woven blanket at Ross for $15!  It's some off brand, but when the choices are $15 for that one or $40 for one that says "Tommy Hilfiger" on it, I'll go cheap!  The shirt/jacket didn't have a tag and apparently Ross has a book of "charge this price" for items with no ripping tags off if you think it's too much, you may end up paying more for it!  I liked the shirt enough that I was willing to pay the $9.99 for it (I would bet I could have got it for less if I had grabbed one of the "too small" ones I took it up there with me).  We had joked while shopping that it was "free" because it had no tag...turns out we were right in the end.  The sunglasses I picked out were also $9.99 and had two different security tags on them.  The big plastic one the cashier took off, but she left the paper tag that held two magnets attached.  On the way out the door, I set off the anti-theft system!  So, with the guard at the door rushing me (general rule is if you get out the door, they can't chase you down), we stopped...I knew I had paid for everything.  I handed over my bag and the receipt so he could double check and make sure I didn't throw things in the bag.  I will never again do that at the Shopko near my house, the guy there when my mother set it off because they didn't demagnetize something ripped the bag out of her hand  and took the bag into a locked room to inspect it...her wallet was in the bag because she had tossed it in and he ran off with the bag with us hollering for him to wait up!  Back to Ross though...he glanced at the receipt and started through the bag, I asked if the metal things in the paper tag were a second device and he said "oh, yeah...can I remove it for you?"...yep, I don't want to set it off again.  So after he ripped it off, and double checked to see if the bag would set it off or not, he handed me back my receipt and bag and sent us on our merry way.  It wasn't until several hours later at home that I was looking at the receipt and realized that the cashier never rang up the sunglasses!   I even pointed them out to the guy that is supposed to make sure things don't walk out of the store!  So, in the end, I guess I did in deed get my no-tag shirt for free.

A couple of days later, we were out doing other shopping and I happened to notice that Fashion Bug was/is having a 25% off sale (on nearly everything in the store)!  I like the pricing they have on pants, so we stopped in to look for shorts.   After an hour and a half of trying things on and entertaining a 5 year old boy, I walked away with 2 pairs of "skinny" jeans, one pair of shorts, and one pair of capri's!  The best part is that all of them are smaller than the jeans I had on when I went in the store!  The capri's are one size down and the rest are two sizes smaller!  I was in a 26 in December when I bought my newest jeans (that was one size down then) and this week's pants are 22's!  I am so happy!  Give me another 6 months and I'll be down to shopping in the "plus size" departments of regular stores!  I really do have an issue with calling a pair of size 22 pants skinny jeans though...there is nothing skinny about that much material!  Here is a link to the skinny pants I got, they are on clearance in the store for $5 less than online!  The shorts are part of the "Secret Slimmer" line...basically there is spandex in them, the sales gal told me to try on a size down from what I normally wear because they stretch that much.  I got 22's because I really don't think I could have zipped a 20!

Now that I'm down a few sizes...I think it might be time for an updated photo of me...maybe.

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