Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dentist Appointment...

I called on Friday and paid off my Dentist bill...they called Monday morning to remind me about my appointment...and this morning?  I completely forgot I was supposed to be there at 10am!  Yeah for setting all my appointments in Outlook and them syncing with my cell phone (which gives me an alert 15 minutes prior whether I set one or not)!  At 9:45am my cell phone dinged and I flew into "rush" mode!  I had been sipping my first cup of coffee for the day, reading miscellaneous blogs and websites in my pj's until that little ding...  I was able to take a shower that was short enough to even impress me (I was in & out in under 2 minutes, fully cleaned)!  I even made time to test and get my insulin before running out the door.  Luckily, my dentist is just down the road, under a 5 minute drive, and I was able to get into the building at 9:58am!

Also, my dental tech(?), the gal who does the cleanings, was running late!  So, I got to sit and chat with the new receptionist for a little bit and make a new friend!  She moved to Spokane about the same time we did and she has had the same "luck" making new friends here as I have.  Sadly, I think this area is very "closed minded" about a lot of things...letting new people in is one of those things.  It is such a change from living in Central Oregon!  Everyone is very "open" there!  It made making friends easier, lol.  Here's hoping she calls and I actually have made a new friend...and not just someone to chat with twice a year when I'm at the dentist for my cleanings (especially since I'm looking for a new dentist)!

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