Monday, April 4, 2011

Chick Update!



The girls are getting so big so fast right now!  Every day they seem to double in size!  They are really feathering out right now, not with their "adult" patterns, but they are distinctly different!  Henri has a lot of white, especially on her chest, while Clyde is mostly black on her chest.  Neither of them have "perfect" feather patterns for the breed, but hatchery stock is usually not as good as "breeder" stock.  I think they are all gorgeous and can not wait to see what they'll look like all grown up!

They have decided they love to cuddle with me!  It could just be that they've figured out I let them out of the brooder and they can do a little exploring, but I'll take it!  As soon as I open the brooder, all three fly up and land on top of it or on my lap!  The other night, I was trying to replace the water and ended up with three chicks on top of my head!  I'm glad to see they've finally warmed up to me and even sit and let me pet them!

Cuddling, lol.
Henri is still a little smaller than Clyde, and Gerty is still much larger than Clyde, but they are generally all the same size as each other.

Day 1!

Day 19!

Comparing a picture though from Day 1 (3/16, the day I got them) to today (4/4, 2 days shy of 3 weeks) they have really grown though!

I dropped the water container outside tonight and shattered the quart glass jar I had on it.  I switched them to a pint size because I'm out of quarts now!  They don't go through that much water anyway, just ticks me off that I broke it.

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