Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunny and Warm for a Change!

With temps in the mid-60's today and only a light wind, I decided today was the day the girls would get to experience the great outdoors!  So, I went outside and set up an old wire panel of training kennel thing that became ours when we bought the house.  It has 8 panels that are roughly 18-24 inches across.  I set it up with 1 panel wide short sides and 3 panel wide long sides, because that way I could cover the top with an old baby gate and the plastic lid to their brooder.  The cover was a good idea too, since Gerty tried to make a vertical escape when she first hit the grass!

I also got the chance to chat with our next door neighbors for a little bit.  They are close to our age, but we don't actually talk with our neighbors much...not like my Mother does with her neighbors anyway!  Their dog is the one that used to dig under the fence and play with Rosie, so we got to know them pretty well our second summer here!  It was nice and I may have drummed up a little more business for our lawn guy...they were out working on cleaning up their yard, which makes our yard look super ragged!

I put the panels together backwards and didn't realize my mistake until I went to put the girls in, so once I got them in and out of the crate, I took the crate out and sprayed it down with the hose (they left a mess).  They were having so much fun that nobody wanted to come back inside!  Gerty got away when I was putting them back in the carrier and that was a little mini adventure!  She didn't stray too far away from me though as we had dogs in two of the three yards that border our fence line and a group of crows and hawks over head!  They are currently all safe and sound in the brooder "cooling off"!  They got so warm that they started to pant, the real reason I decided to bring them in after an hour!

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