Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Status of My "Garden"...

Morning Glory
Everything is still growing away on a dining table next to the window in my Family room for the next few weeks, when most of my plants will be moved outside...if the mother nature ever decides that Spring has in deed "sprung"!  Our overnight lows are still a bit too cold to move anything outside just yet...

My Morning Glories are doing okay...not great, but better than the rest of the flowers I attempted this year!  The planter I have pictured is doing twice as good as the other Morning Glory planter though, this one had a vine on all three chains as well as two more hanging over the basket edges!  This will look so good when it starts blooming those pale blue flowers!

Top Hat Blueberry bushes & Salad Mix
Next up, going down the length of my window, is the Blueberry bushes!  My Grandfather had award-winning Blueberries when I was a kid...not this variety, mine are Top Hats and should stay fairly boxy at 18" tall and wide.  My Grandfather's were gigantic bushes that had to be nearly as tall as he was!  Of course, he passed when I was 8, so maybe they were a lot smaller and I was just that much smaller too, lol.  He had the best blueberries I have ever tasted though, big, juicy berries...  Every time I eat blueberries I am transported back in time to wandering through his bushes, picking them and popping them in my mouth with a burst of flavor!  He had several bushes, one just never did very well, that was the bush the grand kids were aloud to pick from...he let me pick from where ever I wanted to because I was always so careful and didn't hurt the plants.  I wish I could have gotten to know him better, the few memories I have of him are all so good!  My Blueberries look a bit weak to me at the moment, but they have pretty bell shaped flowers on them already!  To the right of the Blueberries, is my little "salad" bucket!  The container I used is leftovers from last year...Winco sold Salt Water Taffy in those last year (I'm sure they'll do the same this year) for less than $3.50, I think I ended up going through 3 tubs!  I really like Salt Water Taffy (I picked up a bag of Sugar free Taffy today...7 pieces has 1g Net carb)!  I just sprinkled part of the Musclan Mix pack of seed in there and placed the lid on top until they sprouted...I need to find room for this one in the kitchen window before the dog realizes what's in there!  She ate half of my lettuce plants last year before I got them out of the pony pack!
Next up along the window ledge are my Sunflowers...  I now know why they say to wait and plant these directly in the ground!  The stalks have split, they are all sorts of bent, but they keep surviving!  I thought for sure I had killed each and every one of them last week after they went several days without water and were wilted, droopy, and brown!  After a good soak in water though, they are back and stronger looking than ever!  I actually need to raise the blind several more inches to keep the plants from getting tangled in them again...

The rest of my starts are all up on the table in seed starting trays still, some due to lack of space, others because they appear too small to move just yet.

Chinese White and Cherry Belle Radishes & Peas
Eggplant & Cabbage
Peas and Radishes in this tray!  All three are doing really well, I am shocked at how well the vegetables are doing, I have really been struggling with my herbs and flowers, but most of my vegetables are growing like weeds!  (I know I can grow weeds that's a good thing, right?)

The Eggplant and Cabbage are looking as good, but the Cabbage is really starting to take off now too.
Sweet Peas

One of my cats ate my Sweet Peas when they were just starting to grow!  They are slowly recovering from being eaten as sprouts...  I'm not so sure they'll survive the move outside, but it isn't a huge loss of they don't.  The white on the dirt id a mold of some sort, I think it's from the bag of planting soil...most of my starter cells have it, the ones that I didn't use that particular bag of dirt for aren't molding like that!

Herbs & Mystery Tomato!
I decided not to grow tomatoes this year after last year's poor seems someone else has different plans for me!  I noticed this seedling almost as soon as it sprouted as "not an Oregano" seedling!  However, until today, it had remained a mystery.  While watering and rotating the cells in the tray I got a familiar odor wafting around.  Upon closer inspection of this plant, I realized I have some sort of Tomato plant!  I have no idea what variety, since it came in a packet of Oregano seeds!  It is kind of exciting!  If nothing else, I want to see what color/shape they are and try to guess the variety!  I actually really like the smell that Tomato plants give off too, it is a sweet, earthy smell...

My flowers are sharing the large starter cell container with my herbs...they don't seem to be doing very well at all though...I'll just keep waiting to see what happens with them!  The Assylum

Jalapenos & Grand Bell Peppers
Peppers!  I got this little starter kit at Winco, it came with Jalapeno and Grand Bell Pepper mix seeds!  I forget which side has which (the contain is marked though), but one side is the Jalapenos and the other is the Bell Pepper mix.  I really hope I got some of the "Chocolate" or purple colored bells!  I'm not a huge fan of peppers, but the satisfaction of growing your own is worth growing them!  And you never know, maybe I'll find I actually like these peppers!  Home grown almost always tastes better!

Rutabaga, Beans, etc...
The last starter cells I have going contain the true "stars" of my little tabletop garden!   The smallest plants down front are my Rutabaga, I really hope these do well!  I just spent $1.75 on one Baga that weighed 0.80 pounds!  The tallest are my Bean plants!  I have Green Bush Beans and Golden Wax varieties going!  I am so jazzed for these to start producing!  Behind the beans, I have Cucumbers and Squash (Patty Pan & Yellow Crookneck) going full bore!
Cucumbers, Patty Pan, & Yellow Crookneck

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