Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Weekend!

So, over the course of this week, we (mostly I) have been implementing the "daily chore list"!  Everything isn't getting done, but we are slowly working on it.  Today, we got about half of the day's list done (and some of yesterday's) as well as finally getting the cat "stuff" moved upstairs where we might remember that we need to scoop daily!  The scooping will save us on litter in the long run (we bought a new 27 pound container today for $12).

Lots of organizing, dusting, and vacuuming going on int his house!  We did manage to take a break around lunch to get some food and do our weekly grocery shopping.  Lunch was McDonald's...I had a Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT (minus bun) which was just awesome.  They really glob on the mayo and the tomato was even up to my high tomato-standards!  I also had a Cheeseburger from the "dollar menu", also without the bun.  My other half ordered two double quarter-pounders with cheese (minus bun)!  Everything came on nice big lettuce leaves (I ate mine wrapped in lettuce, he picked his off and ate them with a knife and fork).  With drinks, it was about $20 after tax for the two of us to eat, but we skipped breakfast and then spent the morning cleaning our butts off! Dinner is going to be hot dogs or hamburgers...I hope I have some chili in the freezer, a chili dog (or "coney" depending on where you live) sounds extra good today!

After lunch and groceries, we came back and relaxed for a while.  Also, we just got back inside from giving the dog a bath!  It has been a very busy day in this household!  We are still working on laundry (rather, my other half is doing laundry...I'm horrible at doing loads upon loads...I'd rather do one load a day and call it good!

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