Tuesday, August 30, 2011

IBA #479, 168, 103, & 367

# 479 - In a past and more exciting life, I was a….

Yeah, I don’t really believe in this “stuff”…it seems a little cruel to think that when I/we/someone dies, they get sent right back to do it all over again!  If that was the case, wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) we learn from the mistakes of our past(s)?

That being said…if any of you “come back” as a spider…stay the heck out of my house or you will be “coming back” as something else very shortly!

# 168 - What does your child (insert someone close here) do that drives you crazy?

Hmm…I’m going to insert…”significant other”, because he is the only one readily available in the house to “pick on”.  The most current “drive me crazy(er)” is when he decided in the morning to stay and work from home on any given day (today).  It isn’t that I mind him being here…I just like to know he’s going to be here in advance!  I have plans to finally get a cheesecake recipe tried out, but I don’t necessarily want him “here” while I make it.  Only because he gets so fussy about ingredients and I believe this is one of the recipes that calls for cottage cheese to make the cheesecake with and I don’t need him “whining” about it before it is made and he has tasted it!

# 103 - The closest you’ve ever come to fame was…

Meeting fame or “being” famous?  Well, meeting “it” would be when I was sent to meet Wil Wheaton (my other half saw a twitter update that said he was in the same airport as I was).  He is the only “famous person” I have ever met! That is saying a lot since I lived so near to Sunriver, Oregon!  It is a resort community best known for its skiing and golf and is a semi-popular place for the rich/famous to go.  Growing up, I got to hear a lot of the “I met so-and-so today at the grocery store,” but never was that lucky myself.

Also, way back in the early 1980’s, my grandmother won a shopping spree at a grocery store near her house.  They had 3 minutes (maybe 5, I forget) to load as much as “she” could possibly get into shopping carts and get back to the front with!  One of my aunts did the running for her, my grandmother was already in her 60’s or 70’s!  But, that’s only “famous” if you happened to catch the live airing of AM Northwest when it happened!  Years later, I was lucky enough to get to go be in the audience of AM Northwest (mid-90’s), it was fun, but I didn’t get to meet any of the anchors.  We were whisked off without so much as a hello from them during a FBA (like FFA, but for business people instead of farmers…) trip.

As for the “being” part, I’ve never even come close!  When I was 5, I did have my picture in the local paper, it was for a reading thing at school…I read a lot.  I was also “glimpsed” on the news in the 6th (or there about) grade during a “field day” event that the local news wanted to cover.

# 367 - Why my dog is better than yours

Because she’s mine!  I think everyone prefers their own pets to someone else’s.

I recently tripped over Rosie.  The lights were off in our bedroom and the dog’s bed is at the foot of the bed.  She was asleep on her bed and I had just finished in the bathroom and was on my way out of the room to tell my other half goodbye (he was headed to work).  Normally, I remember to look and see where the dog is, but I was distracted and walked right into her!  I fell over her, missed the doorway as I grasped for it and came down really hard on my left knee!  It is still extremely sore, but luckily, I don’t think I broke anything (we shall see how it feels after a week or so though).  I assume I also hurt the dog, since my leg literally rolled over her as I went down, as she is super aware of where I am walking these last few days!

To apologize for the injury, I signed her up to taste test a new food!  More info on it after we get our coupons for the free bag and ones to share with everyone else!

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