Monday, August 29, 2011

IBA #135, 201, & 676

# 135 - If you could switch places with another mom in your life, whom would it be and what would you do differently?

This is a loaded question at the moment…not because I have too many options to choose from, but as you may know (from reading my non-IBA posts), I am looking at surgery in the near future.  So, when I think of this question, I think of switching like in a movie like 13 going on 30, where the mother and daughter swap bodies.  So, with whom would I swap?  Anyone want to let me take care of his or her (I’d prefer a “her”) kids while you go have my surgery for me?  Pretty please?

My sister has had the robotic surgery before (when they removed her gall bladder when nephew #3 was a few months old), so it’s “old hat” to her.  I could swap with her…of course, I do not think I could handle staying in the tiny house she is in…or going straight to 6 months pregnant either!  So, let’s hold off on that until December or so…and then go visit Aunt “Me”, lol.

As for doing thing differently…there are plenty of things I see parents doing that I would do differently!  But, as for specifics on just one person…I won’t be going there!

# 201 - Do you have any favorite comfort foods?

Of course!  However, since we are low carbing life…I have had to modify how I make my favorite dish.  My favorite dish, that is a comfort food to me, is Kielbasa (Hillshire Smoked Sausage, any flavor really, but I prefer the Polska), Sauer Kraut (from a bag or jar…not the canned stuff!), and Potatoes (Rutabaga for the low carbers or leave it out entirely)!  I’m sure this has an “official name”…but we always just called it “Kielbasa with potatoes”…the Sauer kraut was just a given!

Here is how I make it (low carb version):
·         Olive Oil & Butter for sautéing
·         1 Smoked Sausage, sliced into fairly thick rounds (3/4 – 1 inch thick)
·         1-2 Rutabaga, diced, but fairly large here too
·         1 large jar or bag of Sauer Kraut, with the juice!
·         ½ jar (or bag) of water – optional and only if it pot needs more liquid!

I use a large pot to cook in; this is a one-pot meal, so make sure to use one big enough to hold everything!  Heat up your pot and melt the oil and butter together.  Add the meat and get a nice crispy brown on it.  I like to give it a nice thick coat of crispness because the last step is boiling the whole thing and the crispiness adds more flavor!  When the meat is about half done to your liking, add the Rutabaga (or potato) and let it cook in the oil/butter until it starts to brown a bit.  This is especially important for using Rutabagas…they take forever to cook and the oil helps it start.  Once everything is browned to my liking, I had the bag (or jar) of Sauer Kraut, juice and all.  The Rutabaga (potato) needs to boil to finish cooking, so take the container your Kraut came in and fill it about half way with hot tap water (you could use a kettle, but I don’t recommend it because you still have to handle the vessel).  Add enough water to the pot so that meat/potato-like substance/Kraut is all covered; a little kraut sticking out the top is okay.  Put a lid on the pot and let it come to a boil, turn down the heat and let it simmer, checking after 30 minutes (sooner if you are worried about the water, do not let it completely evaporate!), and then every 10-15 minutes until your Rutabaga/potatoes are soft enough to eat.  Rutabagas stay firm, but they are ready when you poke one with a fork and it splits easily.  Also, do not stir the Kraut in until after the first 30 minutes!  Let it sit on top so you can avoid burning it and it keeps all the Rutabaga/potatoes under water where they can cook evenly!  Every time you check it, make sure to push the Rutabaga/potatoes back under water too!

This is one of those meals I only get to eat when my other half is out of town.  He hates Sauer Kraut (the nut)!  Therefore, I eat this often in the winter for lunches (half a sausage and a small jar of Kraut, no Rutabaga) and always when he is out of town!  He has a trip coming up at the end of the month and I am already “stocking up” for his trip!  The sausages are on sale this week (3 for $10 with coupon) at Fred Meyer, so I bought more, even though I know I have 3-4 in the freezer already.  These make many excellent meals for the two of us as well.  In fact, in line for dinner tonight is a Polska Kielbasa that I will sautéed with sliced button mushrooms (baby bella’s are even more awesome, but I bought the white buttons because the package of pre-sliced was bigger), once cooked I will toss this with a little low carb Kansas City style Barbeque sauce and have a quick meal ready to go in about 15 minutes!

# 676 - How soon should we begin teaching our children about God?

I think I actually skipped this one a while back…because I don’t have an answer for this that won’t piss off most of the people I know (as if that has stopped me in the past)!

If it is something you believe in (not all of us/you do), then use your own judgments on this one!  My plan is to answer any questions my child/children have as they ask them.  Of course, I have my Mother to help answer the ones I cannot (because we only went to church when my Grandmother, a devout Catholic, was in town)…she was raised in a very Catholic environment and went to the church’s school up until high school.  Go with your own gut on this one…but I think pounding scripture into a toddler’s head is a little pointless and leans more toward the makings of “pod people”.

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