Monday, August 8, 2011

IBA #350

What would your older self-have to say to you if she saw how you spend your time?  Would you be wasting time on bathrooms, only to find that you should have been dancing?  Write about a visit from your older self, through her eyes.

This morning I woke up to find my Mother sitting on the side of my bed next to me.  Crap, how did she get here?  Moreover, how did she get passed the security system without setting it off?  She, of course, just laughed at me…”I’m not your Mother,” was all she said to me. She tossed me a shorts and a shirt and waited for me to get semi-dressed before she handed me a cup of coffee, telling me that this was always her favorite part of the morning.

“My drinking coffee is your favorite part of the day?  Who the hell are you if you aren’t my Mother?”  I asked.  

“I’m you…who else would I be?”  Of course, now I get it…I have gone insane or maybe I haven’t woken up just yet.  I get it now…so I play along.

“How’s the future then,” I ask.  She looked at me like I had said something amusing and told me that I wasn’t going to be finding out for a while…yeah, it figures I wouldn’t tell me.  “So, do you need me to save the world or something?  That’s the only time people come back in time in the movies…” (yup, that’s me…big ole dork).

“Nope, just here to tell you what I think of how you’re spending our time right now!”  Seriously, I go back in time at some point in the future just to tell me if I have spent too much or too little time on stuff?  I suck in the future…

“Okay…so how am I doing then,” like I don’t already know…I spend way too much time on the computer (writing blogs, playing games, browsing the web for all sorts of “things”…) and not nearly enough time on stuff like cleaning the house, organizing, etc.. (You know, all that house wife-y stuff I am “oh so, good at”).

“Well,” future me says, “you could scrub the scum out of the tub more often…we both know you enjoy baths and don’t take them because of that tub.  But, who am I kidding?  At least you got that toilet fixed before it hurt the floor!  You could also get better at the kitchen-prep-work.  You would have a lot more free time and money if you could just get in the habit of doing that once a week.”
“That’s it?  Cook more and scrub the freaking tub?  You suck, I suck, whatever….we suck!”

“That we do, but we are good at it!” she replied.  Yup, still a smart ass, no way around that!

So, maybe my “present self” is rubbing off a little too much on my “future self”… I seriously cannot think of anything to put here that is not already on my mind this morning!  Of course, I do not clean the tub…it lives in the bathroom my other half uses, so it is his job to clean it, it is also too small for a bath, that is why I do not take them here (I love getting the Jacuzzi rooms when we travel though).  I also have plans on making a low carb hot cereal mix today…and feeling guilty about another day going by where I sent my other half out the door with no breakfast.  I'm going to make a batch of the cereal...Summer or not!  It seems like it's kinda sorta "oatmeal" like so it should be good.  After trying the "original recipe", I'm gonna make it using both (separately) the chocolate and cinnamon protein powders for a variety of "flavors".  Mmm...chocolate cereal...

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