Friday, August 26, 2011


It has been "one of those weeks" in our house this week!

First, (I think it was this week) I got the call I have been waiting for from the "best in the business" surgeon that my GYN recommended I go to for my soon-to-be upcoming surgery to remove a large (okay, huge, ginormous, they usually refuse to extract it without full hysterectomy) fibroid.  I have an appointment to meet with him on 9/21, a month after the call, but the earliest they had available.

Also on Monday, I started my period (oh joy) a few days early.  Not that it is ever pleasant, but I have noticed in the last several months that it has "gotten worse".  That is, of course, due to the fibroid (more blood flow in the area meas a larger "release").  So, I'm fairly miserable because of that and had to cancel my plans to go walk dogs on Tuesday because I don't dare even consider leaving my bathroom for that second day (I go through roughly 14 overnight pads in the first 48 hours).

Since I missed going Tuesday, I was really looking forward to spending time with the dogs today.  However, those planned were tossed out the window at 7:30 this morning when I tripped over my own dog!  She was asleep on her bed in our bedroom, the lights were off (and she is black), and I wasn't really paying too much attention to where I was walking.  I came down with all of my weight on my left knee as I landed sprawled out in the doorway.  Two hours later, it is still hurting!  I have my leg elevated (roughly the same height as my office chair, any higher and I couldn't type) and have been alternating between a heat pack and nothing on it.  I can now walk on it, gently, but there is no way I can keep up with the dogs today either!  I am really upset about that too!  I really haven't been there at all in the last two weeks and only sporadically in the weeks before that.  Tomorrow I have a training class to go to for the volunteer work at the county fair coming up in a few weeks, so hopefully I can manage to stand for a few hours on my knee by tomorrow afternoon!

As for our chickens, Henri had an "issue" several nights ago and at bedtime, laid two shell-less eggs!  The first was yolk and white only, not even a membrane on it and the second had a membrane, but nothing even close to hardening.  I only found them because she opted to sleep outside on the steps to the coop rather than inside, so when I did my head count before turning off the TV for the night, I had a "missing chicken" and went out to see what was wrong!  Henri took a 2-day break from laying and was back at it again yesterday.  Gerty is consistently laying now, even though the eggs are smaller than they "should" be, she lays a pale brown egg every day that weighs in between 1.4 and 1.6 ounces.

We are still waiting on Clyde though!  They are just over 23 weeks (Wednesday was 23 weeks!), so I'm not all too worried that "she" hasn't laid yet.  She is "practicing" though...Clyde follows Henri in every morning (when Gerty hasn't gotten in first) and copy's Henri!  Clyde gets in the unoccupied box, cuddles the fake egg, and sits quietly while Henri lays her egg.  She then gets up and follows Henri outside when she's done!  I did catch her "practicing" on her own yesterday afternoon, but still no egg!

Well, time for me to hobble outside and collect my morning "loot"!  I hope to get a Hazelnut crusted cheesecake made today that includes my "happy chicken" eggs that are theoretically full of good Omega 3's!

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