Saturday, August 6, 2011

A New Thing to Blog About...

After browsing around yesterday, I came across several topic “idea banks” that listed random thoughts to write blog posts.  After copy/pasting, the longest of them, to read later, I set about turning them into one giant list with consecutive numbers.  How do you choose what to write about from a list of 706 ideas?  Well, I went and found a random number generator (Mrs. Gossler’s Math Goodies to be exact) and set to work generating today’s number!  Idea number 470 is what I will write about today…this should give everyone a break from hearing about my chickens!  (Which, by the way I am worried about…it’s been 3 days since Gerty laid the paper egg and she hasn’t laid an egg since!)   Many of the topics are based around “your” children…I will be re-vamping those slightly since I am a Stay-at-Home-Non-Mom.

Without further ado, idea #470:
Do you have a favorite sibling?

This is a tricky and not so tricky one for me…I only have one sibling!  However, before I was born, my mother did have another child.  In March of 1973 (the year my boyfriend was also born), she gave birth to a baby boy very prematurely and he did not survive the day.  So, technically, I do (or did?) have a brother as well as my sister.  However, since I never have met/interacted with him, he really isn’t “real” to me other than as a headstone in the same cemetery as my father (oddly close to each other even).

So…do you have a favorite sibling?  Why or why not (assuming you have more than one).  I know my Mother does…she is #7 (my Mother) of 10 children!  

I will pose this question to her when she visits next month and ask for her to write something up, not necessarily to post on my blog…but these topics would make an awesome little “book of knowledge” for her to pass on to us!  

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