Thursday, August 18, 2011

Actual News...Finally!

In the ongoing saga that is my medical "issues", I finally have an answer as to what the "lump" in/on my uterus is!  I went yesterday to see the Gynecologist (I got fit in because everyone's schedules are so full) and found out that it is "just a fibroid"!  This really helped lower my blood pressure after being handed a pile of papers to fill out that had to do with only different types of cancers!  And they wondered why my BP was super high!

My "just a fibroid" is quite large though at 10cm by 10cm by 12cm.  That is roughly the size of a large grapefruit or a new ball of cotton crochet thread.  Because of the size, I have been referred to a Surgeon.  I told you I'd find out who the specialists refer people to...  So now I am just waiting for a call from his office.  Luckily the surgeon that my GYN reffered me to is "the best one around" and also in my insurance plan!  I read reviews on him last night and it appears no one has anything but glowing reviews for the guy, so that is great.  He also likes to do these types of surgeries using the robots (laproscopic surgery I would assume, but my Dr called it "robotic surgery"), meaning he won't necessarily have to open me up completely and poke around.  Unfortunately, also due to the size of the fibroid, they can't tell how it is connect to my uterus, but they believe it is sitting on top of it and not actually in it, which is awesome news if that is really what is going on.

In the meantime, we (my other half) need to provide a sample for further fertility examinations.  According to the Doctor I saw yesterday (whom I saw briefly before he got out of the OB side of things) believes that in the past two years (since I went to see him), we should have at least had one pregnancy, even if it wasn't carried to term due to a suspected fibroid.  So, either my other half is the "cause" of us not being successful, or it could be that this giant fibroid (it started out small) has been clamping off my tubes so nothing is getting "in" so to speak.  Either way, it will be (or could be) nice to get a definitive answer either way!

Also, I thought Clyde had started laying last week, but I am still getting just two eggs a day.  I did have to put a second nest box in the coop as Gerty and Henri like to lay at the same time and were fighting viciously over the single nest box!  Clyde is still not laying, but this morning she followed Henri into the coop and quietly copied her in the smaller nest box (the one Gerty prefers) while Henri laid her egg.  I am still a little surprised that Clyde hasn't started, but since they just turned 22 weeks yesterday, she's still got time before I really start to worry!  When Henri was done, Clyde followed her out the door and helped her sing her egg song, so I think it is getting close to the time where I will be getting 3 eggs a day finally!  I imagine I will need to figure out a third nest box, but hopefully Henri and Clyde will share...they tend to pair off as Gerty picks on them horribly all the time!  Some evenings I have to go out and referee bedtime just so Gerty doesn't break their wings!  The other night I caught her on the security camera grabbing the large feathers of Clyde's wing and pulling it in the opposite direction from the way it is supposed to go and over Clyde's head!  Gerty is getting meaner and meaner but I really don't know how to stop her.  I bop her on the head like I have read to do, but she has even started to bite me when she isn't getting her way!  I am considering a squirt gun...but with the weather getting towards colder, I really don't want to make her sick either!  At some point in the next few days, I think I may try to rig a second roost in the coop.  The roost they have is two to three times the length that is suggested for them, but Gerty fights for whatever spot they pick for the evening...maybe with a second roost, she wouldn't get so mean about it!

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