Friday, August 26, 2011

Things are "Moving"!

So, I am not a huge fan of body fat calculators and the like, not even a little bit.  But, I have good reason, I'm FAT!  However, tonight, I found some solace deep in the heart of one such calculator.  This one to be exact, they sell equipment and such to measure these things, but a good old measuring tape will work just fine.  I have used this site twice now, first on July 6th and again tonight (August 26th).  The first I thought would be good to have "when I have lost all the weight I want to lose", but it even came in handy having it tonight!  According to the measurements for both, I am "only" down 1 pound, but the measurements are what I am more interested in!

The "results" are fairly useless at this point, because the measurements have changed, what the computer software can guess is my fat versus lean body mass only varies slightly (things have "moved" a bit).  But, here are tonight's measurements to compare with the July ones!
I don't have a "fancy" caliper, so my numbers are all the way to the right hand side under "tape measurement".  My neck size is closer to 15 3/4", but I rounded for easier viewing.  That means I have lost over an inch in the circumference of my neck!  Can anyone else say "woot"?  It gets better though!  I have lost 4 inches in my waist, this would be why all the pants I kept after the great purge of June are way baggy on me (even if the next size down won't fit due to the "thing" I have growing there that shouldn't be there...).  My hips however, they have gained 3 inches!  This could be entirely operator error on my part.  I did measure twice tonight, but that doesn't mean I did it right back in July!

I am really happy to see any movement as far as the weight loss/looking better front goes.  I have been really hung up on my current weight, mainly because it isn't going anywhere, and had briefly considered another "drastic" change in eating.  Okay, not "so" drastic...but I was thinking I needed to spend some serious time back at the Induction phase!

I am a little nervous about what the surgery to remove my fibroid is going to be weight-loss wise.   If they decide to go the route of laproscopic surgery (robots poking tiny holes in me, they do Gall Bladder surgery this way), I could be out of the hospital withing 24 to 48 hours.  That option puts me back at home where I have control over what I eat and don't eat.  My main concern though is if they decide I need to be "opened up".  Due to the sheer size of my fibroid, this is the more likely option and, if the Internet is correct, would land me in the hospital for 3 to 5 (or more) days!  Not that it would be hard to go back to Induction immediately after, but I don't want to eat carbs (in the form of whatever they deem suitable for my consumption) just to make hospital staffers happy.  No, I will be the "difficult" patient that is going to refuse to change my eating habits.  I know what happens when I eat the carbs (we're talking bread and pasta here)...I blow up!  I will consent to drinking my meals if I have to, but they will be my Atkins shakes, not the sugar filled garbage "they" have!  Has anyone had these on ice?  I usually just keep a few chilled in the fridge...  Another option is my protein powders, also a zero sugar option that is great for low carbers like me (see my review...About Time...).  I have a travel container in the Peaches & Cream flavor I have been dying to try!  The protein powder mixes up with water and could easily be smuggled in if they are going to force the issue.

Yes, I am planning on being is who I am!  At any rate, I don't even meet with the surgeon until September 21st, so I have time to do a little more research on the subject.  I suspect that I won't be going in for the actual surgery until sometime in or after October of this year. 

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